Outage Reporting

Outage Reporting

Outage Reporting...

Niobrara Electric does its best to provide excellent service and reliable power to our members.  There are times, however, when your service may be interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances such as: weather, animals, trees or unknown causes. 

The following procedures will be helpful to you should you experience an outage:

  • First, check all breakers in your home and the main breaker at the meter pole in your yard.  These breakers may trip due to overloading or for unknown reasons. 
  • If you find all your breakers are on, please contact your neighbor or look to see if you can tell if they have power.  This will help the linemen decide if they have an individual outage or a larger line outage. 
  • Next call 307-334-3221 or 800-322-0544 anytime day or night, and report your outage. 

Please have the following information available:

  • Your name (and account number if available)
  • Phone number
  • Meter(s) out of service
  • Service address
  • Time when power went out
  • The cause of the outage, if known. 

We ask you to call and report the outage, even if you think someone else may have already. This will give us a better idea of the outage area, therefore, allowing us to fix the problem faster and get the lights on as soon as possible. 

Please keep in mind that the Niobrara County Sheriff's Department answers our after-hour calls.  You may still use the numbers listed above, as the phone's automatically switch to the Sheriff's Department.  Please have the same information available to the dispatch team. 

We appreciate the patience of our members and apologize for any inconveniences during these times.

Following are some tips you should follow to be prepared for power outages:

  • Keep several flashlights around the house.
  • Always have extra batteries and make sure they are fresh.  Candles and matches must be used with extreme care and should never be left unattended.
  • Own a battery-operated radio.
  • Keep bottled water on hand.
  • Keep canned and other non-perishable food available.
  • Own a manual can opener.